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Intergenerational Connections

“Children are spiritually formed when they observe their parents and other members of the faith community, practicing the worship of God.” (Ivy Beckwith, 2010)

Plan for and engage children in shared experience with all generations and their families.
Create opportunities for children to build relationships with all generations.
Plan for and allow all generations to worship together
Provide opportunities for generations to celebrate faith milestones and spiritual anchors together.
Provide opportunities for children to learn and serve alongside their family and other generations.

For more tips for Families, Pastors and Church Communities download our FaithShaper guide to Intergenerational Connections and Participation here. To download the Intergenerational Connections and Participation poster click here.


For more intergenerational worship tips for Families, Pastors and Church Communities download our FaithShaper guide to intergenerational connections booklet here

2015 Childrens Sabbath Intergenerational Connectedness Service Outline

Children’s Sabbath is a day set aside by churches all over the world for the purpose of spotlighting and affirming the children in our midst. Although it doesn’t need to be just once a year, it’s is an opportunity to involve your children in your church service and communicate to the rest of the church the importance of ministering to young generation.

Follow the link’s to download this Faith Shaper Children's Sabbath Intergenerational Connectedness resource. 

Faith Shaper Guide for Worship Leaders

The Faith Shaper 7 Essential Experiences incredibly important in worship leadership and worship awareness. The way we think about worship changes when we think about these 7 experiences. Please feel free to download and print the Faith Shaper Guide for Worship Leaders put together by Dr Lyell Heise the director of the Institute of Worship.

Follow the link’s to download this resource Faith Shaper Guide for Worship Leaders.

Intergenerational Ministry Beyond the Rhetoric

“I knew we were starting to get somewhere when my six-year-old son was rattling off who he wanted at his birthday party. There were as many adults as kids on that list.” A fantastic article on the power of intergenerational connections and sharing tips based on the Sticky Faith research. Click here to read. 

Let’s Start Talking

Sometimes talking to children and each other can feel daunting. That is why we have developed these question sets, to give you a spring board for starting those conversations in your church, home and school. The weekly challenge is to pick up one question set and talk to someone you have not talked to before. Click the image below to download this resource and Let’s start a talking. 

My Church Family Tree

We were created with the ability and need to communicate and connect in meaningful ways with those around us. Building safe places, authentic relationships and intergenerational connections all start with simple conversations. But building intergenerational connections is more than ‘a’ conversation. For true connections and authentic relationships to be formed it takes intentional, regular conversations.

To help your church become intentional in the process of building intergenerational connections with the children in your community we have created the ‘My church family tree’. Click here to download this resrouce. 

Kids Preach Book 1

We are pleased to be able to produce this book of sermons for your children and your church. Supporting children by including them and using their gifts is important to their spiritual development and their connection to your church. It is my prayer that many adults and children will be led closer to God as they are presented. 

As this book is currently out of print please feel free to download the sermon outlines below.


1. Spiritual Growth – It’s About Growing in Christ
2. Worship – It’s About Your Heart
3. Community – Experiencing Life Together
4. Evangelism – It’s About Sharing God’s Love
5. Service – It’s About Letting God Use You
6. Pass on Your Faith – This Generation for God
7. God the Builder – Building a Rock Solid Foundation
Appendix 1
Appendix 2

Kids Preach Book 2

Due to popular demand we are pleased to announce the production of Kids Preach 2 for your children and your church. This resource has been developed specifically to help your church support your children by including them and using their gifts to aid in spiritual development. Sermon topics included in this book are:

1. It All Starts With God – Creation and Gods power
2. Our Big Small God – God’s Incredible Bigness and His Loving Smallness
3. Pictures Of God – Shaping a Health Picture of a Loving God
4. Connecting With God – How God Works In and through Us
5. Forever With God – God’s Plan for Eternity 

To order this book contact us.

Creative Celebrations : Involving children in your special services

What would happen if we took the time to consider the children’s experiences in our congregation and put their needs at the heart of our church? Here are some ideas to start you thinking about involving children in the special events of your church. Click here for ideas from the Ministry Magazine. 

Welcome Bookmarks - for parents of young children.

Want to make your church welcoming for parents of young children? With a little planning and forethought it is simpler than many of us realise. We have developed these free printable bookmarks for you to print out and give to new families that come to your church. It’s a smile way to make them fell welcome and valued. Read through the questions and as a church think about how you can become more welcoming for families of young children, after all Jesus said “let the little children come”.

To view or download click here or the image below. 

Child’s Commitment Ceremony

Research indicates that between the ages of 5 and 12, lifelong habits, values, beliefs and attitudes are formed and that at this age the brain is the most receptive to spirituality. Children at this age are generally discouraged from being baptised into the church, as some consider them to be too young. However, when faith is not affirmed, children are left feeling unsupported or valued. We need to show them that we take their commitment seriously and that we will be beside them in their faith journey.

It is for this reason that the concept of a commitment ceremony has been developed by the Children’s Ministry Department of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Feel free to download any of the Child's Commitment Ceremony resources below:

A Child’s Commitment Ceremony – Guide
A Child’s Commitment Ceremony – Certificate 

Suffer the little children

"Do you hear what these children are saying?" "Yes," replies Jesus, "have you never read, 'From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise?' " (Matt. 21:16, NIV). That was long ago. Consider today. Are the children welcome as much in church as in Sabbath school? Can they worship as easily in the sanctuary the Jesus they have learned to love in cradle roll? Click here for ideas from the Ministry Magazine. 

Tithe Envelope

Teach the principles and habits of tithing with the children’s tithe envelopes.

Feel free to download any of the following Giving God’s way resources by clicking on the links below or contact us.

Tithe Envelopes
Giving God’s Way Bulletin
Giving Gods Way Leaders Notes