Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Children's Ministry


Noteworthy Memory Events

“A Memory event is activity being enough to dominate an adolescent’s horizon, so that he or she becomes so fully immersed in the event they will never forget it o its message.” (Wayne French, Creating Memories for Teens, 2005 )


Resource and equip homes to create special daily, weekly and yearly rituals and traditions.
Be intentional  about creating memory events for children and families at church such as Milestone celebrations, kids rallies, concerts and family camps.
Support children as they participate in Conference wide memory events such as Camps.
Provide events that allow children to respond to God’s call on their lives.
Provide events that allow children to be inspires by people with a vibrant faith. 

For more Noeworthy Memory Event tips for Families, Pastors and Church Communities download our FaithShaper guide to noteworthy memory events booklet here. To download the FaithShaper Noteworthy Memory Events poster click here.


Baby Dedication

Baby dedication is not a time of salvation, it is it baptism, but it is a dedication on the part of the parents to bring the child up to love and serve the Lord. We have compiled some information, readings, commitments and resources that can be used in a baby dedication. We need to show our children that we take their commitment seriously and that we will be beside them in their faith journey.

Feel free to download any of the Baby Dedication resources below:

Baby Dedication Ideas/Information Booklet
Baby Dedication Certificate
Pre-Dedication Counsel PowerPoint 

Child’s Commitment Ceremony

Research indicates that between the ages of 5 and 12, lifelong habits, values, beliefs and attitudes are formed and that at this age the brain is the most receptive to spirituality. Children at this age are generally discouraged from being baptised into the church, as some consider them to be too young. However, when faith is not affirmed, children are left feeling unsupported or valued. We need to show them that we take their commitment seriously and that we will be beside them in their faith journey.

It is for this reason that the concept of a commitment ceremony has been developed by the Children’s Ministry Department of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Feel free to download any of the Child's Commitment Ceremony resources below:

A Child’s Commitment Ceremony – Guide
A Child’s Commitment Ceremony – Certificate 

 Just for Kids – Understanding our church

An essential part of helping kids to fully participate in our church community is explaining our church traditions. These can often appear to be abstract and irrelevant to kids until we take the time explain what is going on, why we do it and what it all means. To help you generate discussion with your kids around some of our church traditions we have developed a series of A5 printouts that can be inserted in your church bulletin when there is a dedication, baptism or communion happening in your church. Please feel free to download and print by clicking images below.  


Creative Celebrations : Involving children in your special services

What would happen if we took the time to consider the children’s experiences in our congregation and put their needs at the heart of our church? Here are some ideas to start you thinking about involving children in the special events of your church. Click here for ideas from the Ministry Magazine.