Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Children's Ministry



“To participate in the life of the faith community, children need to be a part of this community. And to be a part of the community they need to be present for its central practices. They need to rub shoulders with all sorts of folks who make up this community… They need to be seen as being active and valued members of their faith community.” (Ivy Beckwith and David Csinos, Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus, 2013 )


Be Intentional about allowing children to be a part of the church community
Welcome children into intergenerational worship.
Ensure that they participate, use their gifts and feel that they belong
Give children equal opportunity to contribute and have a voice.
Guide and mentor them to participate in meaningful ways.

To download the FaithShaper Participation poster click here.

 Just for Kids – Understanding our church

An essential part of helping kids to fully participate in our church community is explaining our church traditions. These can often appear to be abstract and irrelevant to kids until we take the time explain what is going on, why we do it and what it all means. To help you generate discussion with your kids around some of our church traditions we have developed a series of A5 printouts that can be inserted in your church bulletin when there is a dedicationbaptism or  communion happening in your church.

We have also developed the my 'questions are important too' just for kids sermon note page. Please feel free to download and print by clicking images below.  


Worship Pack – Involving our preschoolers in church today

Similar to Just for Kids this Worship Pack guide is to help you and your church provide a way for preschoolers participate and be more focused on the preacher and the sermon. This worship pack can be borrow from the church every Sabbath is one way to include preschoolers in the sermon while allowing parents, older children and other generations to listen and participate fully in the sermon without too much distraction. Please feel free to download and print by clicking image below.

Welcome Bookmarks - for parents of young children

Want to make your church welcoming for parents of young children? With a little planning and forethought it is simpler than many of us realise. We have developed these free printable bookmarks for you to print out and give to new families that come to your church. It’s a smile way to make them fell welcome and valued. Read through the questions and as a church think about how you can become more welcoming for families of young children, after all Jesus said “let the little children come”.

To view or download click here or the image below.